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In their desperate attempts to try to silence the massive numbers of people who are now exposing the Truth about them, Jews have taken to creating numerous false flag events, such as bomb threats and other forms of terrorism in the U.S. and elsewhere. They are doing this to try to get laws passed through the Jewdicial system to prevent "hate speech" and anything else that exposes the vile and despicable activities of their wicked cult by claiming that there is a rise in "anti-semitism" so something must be done. In Truth, Jews are the most anti-semitic people on Earth, as the relentless murder and incarceration of innocent Palestinians at the hands of the Jews can attest. These twisted psychopaths are literally getting away with murder, and notice how, despite engaging in the most despicable criminal activity, they repeatedly claim "insanity" and get away with it.

Below is a very important article on this topic, followed by numerous links (some with excerpts) from who have been doing an excellent job of exposing the Jewish created false flags and the hideous creatures responsible for them.

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The Anti-Defamation League has recently issued a report that claims a “disturbing 86% spike in domestic anti-Semitic incidents in the first quarter of 2017…” Its antidote is, of course, more of the ADL! The “startling rise,” ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt says, requires that his organization insert its programs into the public school systems in order to “stamp out this wave of hate.”

Blacks must be very careful, because the ADL has similarly imposed its “training programs” on American police forces. The ADL carts US law enforcement personnel over to Israel to learn how Israeli police keep Palestinians in a constant state of apartheid. And how has that ADL “law enforcement training” worked out for us? Based on nationwide data collected by the Guardian, Black Americans are more than twice as likely as their white counterparts to be killed by police. In 2016, police killed Blacks at a rate of 6.66 per 1 million people, compared to 2.9 per 1 million for whites. Thanks, ADL.

So a closer examination of the ADL’s latest and highly dubious claims about “an upsurge in ‘anti-Semitism’” is fully warranted. The ADL points to dozens of what it calls “anti-Semitic incidents,” but it should be emphatically noted that the incidents ARE NOT based on police reports—they are based on reports made to the ADL itself, on just the word of the alleged victim. The ADL numbers include alleged incidents of school “bullying,” “harassment,” and “vandalism”—whatever that means. Of course, ANY violation of ANYONE’s civil rights is to be taken seriously, but Jonathan Greenblatt’s private and UNOFFICIAL statistics are being relied upon to change laws and policies that affect the Black community, so they MUST be thoroughly parsed and rigorously questioned.

For instance, the ADL’s numbers include the recent spate of threats against the American Jewish community centers. But when those reports first surfaced in mid-January of 2017, even President Donald Trump voiced his doubts about the veracity of the Jewish claims in an unusual public statement:

Trump suggested that the attacks could reflect something other than anti-Semitism, saying that “the reverse can be true” and “someone’s doing it to make others look bad…”

The Anti-Defamation League was so alarmed at the President’s insinuation that it told Buzzfeed: “We are astonished by what the President reportedly said. It is incumbent upon the White House to immediately clarify these remarks.”

Turns out Trump was right and the ADL needed to “clarify its remarks.” Police arrested an Israeli Jew named Michael Kadar for making multiple violent threats against American Jewish centers. The USA TODAY headline said it all: “Jews shocked that suspect in Jewish center threats is one of their own.” Later, Kadar was charged with making more than 2,000 threats! The indictment said that the Jewish Israeli jihadist threatened a US senator and ordered drugs online to send to the senator’s house. He threatened to kidnap and kill the children of a CIA and Pentagon official. The indictment alleged that Kadar made a bomb threat against an El-Al flight to Israel that sparked fighter jets to be scrambled, and he threatened a Canadian airport, which required passengers to disembark in emergency slides and left six people injured. He is also accused of threatening a Virgin Air flight—a threat that resulted in the plane having to dump eight tons of fuel before landing—and threatening a plane being used by the NBA’s Boston Celtics.

Incredibly, this reign of terror was blamed on “autism and a brain tumor.”

They have yet to explain how reports of vandalism against Jewish cemeteries in the United States seem to have directly coincided with the threats made from Israel by the terrorist Michael Kadar, which suggests a deeper internationally coordinated false-flag conspiracy. The ADL seems to have dropped the investigation of these incidents, but continues to use the hoax statistics.

Joshua Goldberg: One-Man Terrorism Factory

Michael Kadar is not the only Jewish terrorist helping to generate the ADL’s alleged “wave of hate.” Another Jewish man named Joshua Goldberg was arrested for posting online bomb-making instructions while posing as an “ISIS jihadist.” Mr. Goldberg’s terroristic résumé as posted on his Wikipedia page is shocking:

Goldberg first received widespread media attention under his alleged Twitter handle “Australi Witness” following the Curtis Culwell Center attack, a terrorist attack on a Garland, Texas exhibit featuring images of Muhammad in May 2015, in which two assailants died in a shootout with police. Goldberg’s “Australi Witness” persona, had, posing as a Perth jihadist, called for an attack on, and posted maps of, the center where the exhibit was taking place, and praised the jihadist attackers in its aftermath, and was retweeted by one of the assailants before the attack. His trial was suspended after it emerged that he had previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia and anxiety disorder as part of a long history of mental illness, and he was found incompetent to stand trial pending efforts by doctors to return him to competence.

Notice that, just as with Kadar, the diagnosis is not Jewish terrorism—but mental illness.

There is yet more false-flag self-inflicted Jewish terrorism. website is a prominent voice in left-wing politics. It prides itself on being a major forum for dialogue and debate on many societal issues. But it noticed a strange phenomenon. The comments sections of its posted articles were aflame with unusually harsh anti-Semitic rhetoric by a number of posters with the names DeShawn Williams, Rashid, Aziz, Ahmed, and the monikers PowertodaPeople, SynagogueofSatan, among many, many others. They advanced every anti-Jewish conspiracy theory and even praised Naziism and Adolf Hitler. These “contributors” with Black- and Muslim-sounding names often debated each other on the pages of, stepping up the hateful rhetoric with each exchange. So distasteful were these postings that the regular readers stopped visiting and contributing to the website and its mission. started to investigate and found that all of the posters and the postings—on both sides of the many, many Jew-hating exchanges—were coming from the same computer IP address and the same person: a Harvard-affiliated Jewish man whose stated motive for this flood of cyber-filth was to support Israel. Lance Tapley’s investigative report, “The Double Identity of an ‘Anti-Semitic’ Commenter Smearing a Progressive Website to Support Israel,” identifies this person as “a graduate student at the Midwestern campus,” who spent endless hours filling the “comments” sections of many websites, with anti-Jewish language and bigoted, violent, and murderous ideologies. Curiously, despite the volume and intensity of the pure hate expressed by this Jewish “grad student”—which he intended for readers to believe came from Blacks and Muslims— is actually protecting the man’s real identity, claiming “as a Jew…he could be put in danger by such a revelation.” Well, what about the Blacks and Muslims who are HIS targets, victims of his slanderous, hate-filled bile? And the “hate-crime”-crusading ADL has made no effort to identify, apprehend, or prosecute this Jewish man, who has single-handedly spread more “hate” than any other known source on the Internet.

But the ADL is not complaining—they just add this JEWISH-generated slime to their statistics and falsely claim Jews are victims. Similarly, when the Israeli Mossad pulled off the greatest act of false flag terrorism in history—the attacks of 9/11—they did not claim “mental illness.” They claimed victimhood and plunged the world into war against an innocent people. The media, a totally controlled and dutifully submissive mouthpiece for the ADL, aids and abets the ADL’s false flag agenda.

It is this faked and contrived “threat” that allows the ADL and its director Jonathan Greenblatt to falsely claim that “anti-Semitism” is rampant and on the rise, and that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are at the root of it.

The ADL and its false flag mission is an insult to all Americans, who are being bullied into accepting the suppression of their rights and censorship of their discourse. Fortunately, more and more Americans are seeing through the schemes and are exposing the Synagogue of Satan, the REAL source of world hate and terrorism. Responsible Jewish leaders must stand up and put an end to this ADL false-flag strategy, because it’s hurting the Jewish community, diminishing their reputation and their position in the eyes of the world.

Source Article:

Jewish man accused of spray painting swastikas on his own home

Jewish Israeli teen arrested for phoning in JCC bomb threats

"Times of Israel

A Jewish Israeli teenager born in the US has been arrested on suspicion of issuing dozens of fake bomb threats against Jewish institutions in North America and elsewhere in recent months, police said on Thursday.

Police said the resident of the southern city of Ashkelon was the subject of a months-long undercover investigation by police’s Lahav 433 cyber unit and the FBI. It said in a statement that the motive behind the bomb threats was unclear. Police said he is 19 years old, but several Israeli media outlets reported him as 18.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the suspect allegedly placed dozens of threatening phone calls to public venues, synagogues and community buildings in the US, New Zealand and Australia. He also placed a threat to Delta Airlines, causing a flight in February 2015 to make an emergency landing.

“He’s the guy who was behind the JCC threats,” Rosenfeld said, referring to the dozens of anonymous threats phoned in to Jewish community centers in the US over the past two months.

Rosenfeld said the man used advanced technologies to mask the origin of his calls and communications to synagogues, community buildings and public venues. He said police searched his house Thursday morning and discovered antennas and satellite equipment.

“He didn’t use regular phone lines. He used different computer systems so he couldn’t be backtracked,” Rosenfeld said..."

Jewish Center Bomb Threat Suspect Is Arrested in Israel

"Some of the following goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway just as reminder when the subject comes up again for discussion.

1. The damage this does to the ability to carry out future false flag events on the part of Judea, Inc cannot be overstated. Now, as a result of the IMMENSE amount of coverage that the JMSM gave to these false flag bomb threats when they were taking place (and done entirely for the purpose of putting immense political pressure on Trump) it has been burned into the memories of every man, woman, and child in America, PERMANENTLY.

Now, the obvious question that needs to be asked/answered by the ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ brigade is the following–
A. If Organized Jewish interests, who had a hand in all of this, were truly ‘supportive’ of Trump as certain ‘experts’ in this ‘movement’ have alleged now for far too long, why the need to go to such lengths in hurting him? If he were truly ‘their man’ as so many allege, there would be no reason to carry out an operation of this size and scope in getting him to cooperate. Obviously then, he was not seen as sufficiently ‘cooperative’ as some allege.

B. If indeed, as so many have been told now for far too long by far too many ‘experts’ in this ‘movement’ that Trump was/is ‘their man’, why would he allow his Justice Department/FBI to go forward with an operation as damaging as this to the same Jewish interests whom these ‘experts’ claim ‘own Trump’? And make no mistake about it–despite the fact that the FBI is allowing Israel to claim some of the credit, this was an FBI operation from the beginning, as there is NO WAY IN HELL that Israel would allow something like this to receive the light of day, given as damaging as it is to her ability to engage in false flag attacks in the future."

Jewish perp of bomb hoaxes was engaged in false flag terrorism for a period of ‘two or three years’

"‘2 or 3 years’, and Israel wasn’t able to find him until the FBI stepped in?

Israel knew all along but allowed this to move forward, because the perp was likely part of Mossad, hence the cover story that he had been declared ‘ineligible’ for military service in the IDF.

Trump has just put an armlock on Netanyahu in a major way, because now that this has made the news, Trump has an open road for revealing similar events that have taken place in the past and with an American public all-too-eager to hear about it.
Seems there may have been a prediction like this made a year or so back, to wit–

‘…The ‘celebrating Muslims in Jersey City, New Jersey’ meme was/is just one of several ‘surprises’ that Trump is capable of pulling out of his black bag of political magic tricks. After all, how difficult would it be for him to begin other discussions–as LOUD and as controversial as the previous one–around events such as Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY, the Lavon Affair, the assassinations of 2 brothers named Kennedy, the bombing of the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, Jonathan Pollard, Monica Lewinsky, etc, etc, etc?…

…or, better yet, even for him to offer a retraction and an apology, something along the lines of–

‘I, Donald J. Trump, do hereby retract my original statement that there were ‘thousands of Muslims’ celebrating in Jersey City, New Jersey on the morning of 9/11. My staff, after looking into the matter and speaking with law enforcement officials who were involved directly with the events of that day, have learned that in fact it was not Muslims who were celebrating that day, but rather 5 Israeli intelligence officers who were then arrested, held for questioning for more than 2 months and then sent back to Israel, after which time they admitted on Israeli TV that they were sent to America to ‘document the event’. I sincerely apologise if my comments offended anyone in the Islamic community.’

And all can be assured that something along these lines was/is precisely what Trump was/is prepared to do, and that in some fashion–back door or otherwise–he is allowing the goombahs making up the organized Jewish power structure working against his candidacy know that this might be the next ‘surprise’ coming out of his black bag of political magic tricks if certain concessions favorable to him are not met…’"

Trump Was Right: Latest Arrests Prove Threats to Jewish Centers in US Were False Flags

How They Do It– ‘A Jew Made The JCC Bomb Threats? This Is What Heartbreak Feels Like’

Breakthrough in JCC bomb threat case said to come after Trump sent FBI to Israel

Trump ‘Pushed’ FBI to Nab Israeli-American Suspect in Bomb Threats on Jewish Centers

JCC bomb threat suspect said behind over 1,000 calls

How They Do It– Bomb Hoaxes Perpetrated by Israeli Jew were acts of anti-Shemitism

FLASHBACK – 1963: Five Jews Arrested for Painting Swastikas on Israel Consulate

Mother of Israeli who called in 1,000 bomb hoaxes and operated for several years without getting caught– ‘He’s autistic, doesn’t know what he’s doing’

"What can you do, except laugh out loud while shaking your head?

‘He doesn’t know what he’s doing’ she says, but he certainly knew enough to engage in this over 1,000 times and for a period of several years and not get caught, with the help of his father, of course. Just like it always is when they get caught– “I was not in my right mind when I did it’, which, in the case involving those who suffer from Jtosis, is at least partially correct.

Probably the most telling, the most ironic, and the most–what better word can we use here other than ‘unbelievable –was the following statement–

‘It doesn’t make sense. This is a kid who loves Judaism…’

Father of JCC Bomb Hoax Suspect to U.S. Jewry: ‘We Apologize From the Bottom of Our Hearts’

JCC bomb hoaxer made millions selling forged docs online

Jewish Community Center Gets $200,000 Grant After Bomb Threat Called in By a Jew

BY RICHARD EDMONDSON – "So let’s see…a Jewish Israeli calls in a bomb threat to a Jewish Community Center in Rochester, New York. Then the center gets a $200,000 state grant to beef up its security, presumably on the grounds that there is this dreadful danger from rising anti-Semitism. And the Jew who made the phone call is largely forgiven on the grounds that he has a “brain tumor.” It’s quite a racket, is it not? Maybe Norman Finkelstein should write a sequel to his book, The Holocaust Industry".

US files charges against Judaic terrorist accused of JCC bomb threats

US-Israel extradition battle looms in case of teen JCC bomb hoaxer

Israel refusing to extradite teen JCC bomb hoaxer to US

JCC bomb hoaxer charged with vast list of offenses, including threats to execute children, blow up planes

Also charged with using the dark web to deal drugs, run an online hacking and document forging service, buying and selling weapons online and possession of child pornography.

How They Do It– ‘Forgive us, we did not know. Forgive him, he does not understand’

"The parents of the JCC bomb hoaxer accused of a vast, relentless two-year campaign of vicious threats and internet crime do their best to explain the inexplicable

ed note–keep in mind that if the hoaxer had been anything other than a Jew, all the talk of his/her ‘mental’ condition would be completely irrelevant. The focus of the matter would be the terror he/she created, the amount of money and resources that had been expended and how he/she should be skinned alive before being doused with gasoline and set on fire as punishment for his/her crimes.

HOW-FREAKING-EVER, when it is a Jewish ‘yoot’ who has been revealed to be the culprit, why all the sudden a justifiably outraged word needs to alter its mood from anger to pity.

Furthermore, in the midst of describing his various mental incapacities, they very conveniently leave out of the discussion the level of skill and sophistication that this operation obviously entailed, which means that they are either LYING or else that he had ‘help’ from the outside.

Besides the obvious, which is that this shows just how utterly duplicitous and hypocritical is the Judaic mindset, it also reveals just how serious a threat to the continued operations of Judea, Inc this latest development is, not the least of which stems from the fact that the new president has signaled to Israel that all the old rules of allowing things like this to take place with no repercussions are gone, and that if he is willing to send a team of armed special agents from the FBI to Israel uninvited and unannounced to arrest this terrorist for events that were hoaxes where no American lives were lost, that he would be willing to go even further if something actually does go BOOM."

Times of Israel
One day when M was a little boy living with his parents in California, they visited a park in Los Gatos. M got on his bike at the top of a very steep hill and before his parents could stop him, he set off down the slope, pedaling furiously. “I’d say he was going 80 kilometers an hour,” his father, G, recalls.

Hurtling downwards, M rode directly into a pillar. By accident? “No,” says G. “Deliberately.”

The ground shook; everyone in the park looked up in shock. M was thrown off his bike and went flying through the air. “It’s a miracle he wasn’t killed,” says G.

Was he trying to kill himself? “No,” says G again. “You have to understand. He has no concept of danger. He didn’t even cry after that crash. This is not a normal child.”

“What a combination: a brain tumor and autism,” says M’s mother, S, in a tone of abject misery and despair.

I am sitting with G and S at a table in their living room in Ashkelon. Their apartment is small, neat and spotlessly clean. Spread out in front of us are some of M’s map drawings — “the only thing he ever drew is maps,” says S. There’s a pile of medical records and studies, including a diagnosis from Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital setting out M’s “specified pervasive development disorders.” A multi-frame with photographs of M over the years — a beautiful blond-haired little boy with what looks like a slightly larger than usual head. And an MRI of M’s brain showing what his parents say is a tumor at the foramen of Monro — the source, they believe, of all his misfortune.

But not just his misfortune.

For the past two years, from his little bedroom adjacent to where we are now sitting, M is alleged to have wreaked relentless international havoc. According to prosecutors in the United States and Israel, where a staggering array of charges have been filed against him in the past few days, M, now 18 years old, made not dozens or hundreds (as originally reported) but thousands of sinister calls from here, day after day, week after week, month after month, to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, law enforcement agencies. He warned that bombs had been planted, that he was about to carry out shootings, that children had been taken hostage and would be executed. He targeted institutions in the US, Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Scandinavia. On a single day, December 16, 2016, he made more than 80 calls to schools in Australia and New Zealand.

He telephoned hoax threats to dozens of airlines and airports, prompting emergency landings and the scrambling of fighter jets. He dealt in drugs and weapons sales online, allegedly; ran a hacking and document forging service. He posted a price list for his intimidation services — customers could commission the threat of a “massacre at a private home” for $40, a call threatening a “school massacre” for $80, and a bomb threat against a plane for $500. He tried to extort a US senator, the charge sheet says. He threatened to kill the children of a former Pentagon official.

Focusing largely though not exclusively on Jewish institutions from the start of this year, he forced the evacuations of dozens of Jewish Community Centers and schools across America — anguishing US Jewry and prompting concerns that the election of US President Donald Trump had emboldened American right-wing extremists to unleash a campaign of intimidating anti-Semitism.

He used “camouflage” technologies to mask his voice and his location. When he was finally arrested on March 23, police said they found sophisticated antennas and satellite equipment.

One teenage boy. In his small bedroom in an Ashkelon apartment building. With his parents — parents who had struggled to raise and educate and protect him from day one — insisting they were entirely unaware of what was going on.

His mother can not bring herself to read the charge sheets. ‘I fall off my feet when I hear the new developments,’ she says
One teenage boy. A child variously described by G and S in the course of our two-hour conversation as not normal, as apathetic, obsessive, incapable of social interaction, an insomniac, a child who has no concept of humor, a child incapable of internalizing the consequences of his actions. “We are so, so, sorry,” they both say several times during the interview. And M? “People want him to apologize. They want him to say sorry,” says G. “He does not understand the concept.”

It just does not compute, does it? Such intellect and sophistication employed at the computer keyboard, to such appalling effect. By a teenager whom no educational institution was able to school. And, they reiterate, without the knowledge of parents who give every appearance of being decent, overwhelmed, beyond distraught. S can not even bring herself to read the charge sheets. “I fall off my feet when I hear the new developments,” she says.

“We barely sleep,” says G. “And when, briefly, I do, I have nightmares.”

Which is why, it seems, they consented to this interview — to try to explain the almost inexplicable.

Troubled from the very start

S and G don’t want to talk about the specifics of M’s criminal case; they do want to tell his life story, his dismal life story. They want people to understand that M, their boy M, the global headline-making alleged bomb hoaxer and high-tech internet criminal, cannot be considered responsible for his actions. He has a tumor. He has some kind of autism; the word Asperger’s is mentioned during the interview. They’re not doctors; they can’t definitively detail cause and effect. They don’t know if his illnesses are genetic, or stemmed from his father’s work with chemicals, or what. There’s a great deal they don’t know about how their son came to be the young man he is.

M — who cannot be named in Israel because of a court-imposed gag order — was born in Tel Aviv to Israeli dad G and US immigrant mom S.

G, who opened the door of their home to me with an expression simultaneously warm, wan and exhausted, is a materials engineer who has worked with chemicals for Israeli firms Tambor (paints, in Acre) and Kafrit (plastics, in Kibbutz Kfar Aza).

They moved to the US very soon after M was born — spending his early years in New Jersey and California. G had three operations in California to remove growths caused, he says, by his work. M is an only child, he vouchsafes immediately, “because I cannot have any more children.”

Are M’s medical issues related to G’s work and illnesses? He’s not sure.

‘I was always trying to make him laugh,’ says his father, sighing. ‘He never laughed. He has no jokes’

In New Jersey, they were told by a nurse that M had “an abnormally large skull… in the 90%-plus percentile,” says S. They didn’t know what to make of that information, she says. Now, of course, they believe that the tumor was there from the start, and that it blocked his development, causing cognitive and psychiatric disorders.

G and S look at each other often as they try to tell M’s story. S speaks slightly halting Hebrew; G’s English is weak. They interrupt each other now and again, but not unpleasantly. They just want me to hear all the details.

M, they say, understands both languages. But he’s always had difficulty formulating sentences. Communication was never easy. “I was always trying to make him laugh,” says G, sighing. “He never laughed. He has no jokes.”

They often speak of M in the past tense. They are, after all, describing a past life. It was never less than arduous for them, parenting this child. But now, well, “life will never be the same” doesn’t begin to cover it.

From his first days, they recall, M could not sleep. Relentlessly active, he would only rest when he collapsed from exhaustion.

And he was plainly a genius, a deeply troubled genius. At a year old, he was doing 100-piece jigsaw puzzles. At 3, S was teaching him anatomy. “He knew the names of all the bones,” says G. “I don’t mean arms and legs. I mean all the bones. The layers of the skin. He would be building towers of building blocks and looking at an anatomy book out of the corner of his eye.”

They sent him to kindergarten at age five. It didn’t work out. He wouldn’t interact. He wasn’t violent — he was never violent — but he was a disturbing presence, they were told. He didn’t make eye contact. He wasn’t like the other children.

He’d throw the ball backwards, over his head. He rode the bike down the hill into the pillar. Another day he chased after an ice cream truck. In the road. Amid the traffic. Unfazed and unaware. G and S tried to teach him about danger; there was no way to make him grasp what they were saying.

They came back to Israel and took M to first grade at a school here in Ashkelon. They stuck it out for eight months, with S sitting in class with him. He was dyslexic. He had handwriting problems. He couldn’t read out loud.

S, who has a master’s in biochemistry, saw no choice but to homeschool him. He loved geography and history. He could do algebra in his head. At 9, he could memorize 50 numbers written on a page after a quick glance. A photographic memory, then? “I think so,” says S.

He chased after an ice-cream truck. In the road. Amid the traffic. Unfazed and unaware

At one stage, says G, “he hid that he was a genius.” I think G means that M made an effort not to show his prowess. “But we would play a game on Google Earth where I would name a city, and he could give me its latitude.”

M was obsessed with collecting things. They show me plastic folders with bus tickets organized by date. We walk into that small bedroom of his — a microscope on his desk and an empty space where his confiscated laptop sat; kippot and a tallit bag on a small table alongside — and they show me his coin collection, nestled among school notebooks and textbooks.

“One day, he made me buy him thousands of marbles,” volunteers G. “We went store to store, buying marbles.” He shrugs, helpless. “I had to do it. It was crazy.”

Another time, he became convinced that their apartment had mice. G: “We sealed up every crack.” S: “We used silicone.” There were no mice.

At 11, M’s medical condition worsened. “He started to get seizures,” says G. “We were outside the first time it happened. He looked at us, startled, and he was bashing his teeth together, over and over. He had this sad look. Then got on his bike and rode out into the fields and disappeared.”

They searched for him that day for five hours. The neighbors joined the hunt. They called the police. A helicopter would have gone up, but it was getting dark. Then M reappeared and came home.

“From that day, he was different,” says S. “His personality changed. He’d ride his bike obsessively.”

G: “He had a puncture; he’d ride on the metal. He’d ride with his feet on the handlebars. He went crazy.”

He turned 13 and had a bar mitzvah at the Western Wall. Did he read from the Torah? They look at each other, uncertain. They think he read the blessings. “He wasn’t really there,” they say.

A neighbor complained about the obsessive bike-rider. A social worker came to the home. Her boss said he should be committed to a psychiatric facility.

S, outraged: “I said he has seizures. He needs neurological treatment.”

G: “We thought the fact that he was an only child, and that he’d not been interacting with other children, had affected his social skills. But we realized it was getting worse.”

They decided to seek medical advice and treatment in the US. “I took him to New Jersey, to S’s mom.”

They were able to get medical insurance, and they went to 15 doctors across the state, G says. M had vision issues — blurred sight, dizziness. “He had 3-D vision?” What? “He could see something below his skin on his cheek that was there but that nobody else could see,” says G. “He wouldn’t go out of the house because of it. He said it was ugly.”

One doctor said he had an eye condition called photophobia. “One of his eyelids would droop,” says G. “And he would get a swelling above the eyebrows.”

Finally, finally, he had an MRI, and the MRI showed the tumor. “There it is,” says S, pointing to the enlarged photograph on the table.

The last few months they thought he was a little better. They mistook the quiet in his bedroom for progress
Should they operate? Some doctors said it was too dangerous. One who would have done the surgery did not have a good reputation. G brought M back to Israel.

The doctors here cautioned against a rush to operate. They said they would track M’s condition. Meanwhile, G and S dealt with his diet — high in omega-3 fatty acids; no sugar or processed foods; plenty of vitamins. They’d be able to see more doctors after he turned 18, and could think again about surgery. G worked days; S worked overnight “in sales,” so that there was always someone at home with him.

When the time came for him to receive a draft summons for the IDF, G wrote a letter explaining his condition. “They didn’t take him… We got an exemption straightaway.” As for the reported Israeli police theory that some of M’s threatening activity was to take revenge on the military authorities for refusing to induct him, G is firmly dismissive: “Not doing the army? It didn’t register with him.”

G started learning about the brain, and says he “realized that the tumor was likely the root of everything, including the autistic symptoms.” S said she was “sure that after the surgery he’d be okay.” But for now, the doctors were saying no to operating. And of late, with the improved diet, they’d thought M was stabilizing.

“The last few months we thought he was a little better,” says S. They mistook the quiet in his bedroom for progress.
G: “He walked to the beach and back, one and a half kilometers, on his own — about 10 times. That was a big achievement. He’d started learning to drive. Of course, he passed the theory, and he’d had his first practical lessons.”
Then the police came.

Worried for his life

G headed downstairs to go to work at about 6 on the morning of March 23, and the cops were there. They came into the apartment, arrested G, arrested M and “took all his stuff,” G says. The Israeli indictment says M tried to grab one of the cops’ gun. “I wasn’t in his room; I didn’t see that,” G says.

G was jailed for eight days, held at Nitzan prison. “Not pleasant,” he says shortly, when I ask. He’s been released without limitations, but is still formally a suspect. “I know nothing,” he says. “But I’ll help in any way I can.” He’s been questioned by Israeli investigators and the FBI. “I cooperated fully, of course.”

Nothing? Nothing at all? All those horrible calls. For all those days, weeks, months, years. The antenna on the window sill. “I didn’t think anything of it… Remember, he never sleeps… We’re so, so sorry.”

S, shaking her head, putting her hands to her forehead in despair. “This is a sick child.”

G: “Not many parents have suffered more than we have.”

‘Every time the phone rings,’ says his mother, ‘I’m afraid they’re going to tell me something terrible has happened to him’
Again, they seem like normal people in a surreal and dreadful circumstance, tormented and worried, and hopelessly, utterly, out of their depth.

They worry, deeply, about their son, who is being held at the Hadarim detention center, mostly, they believe, in solitary confinement.

S: “He’s lost 30% of his body weight… He’s getting the wrong food… He’s not getting medical care.”

Has he undergone psychiatric tests since his arrest? A short test, G says, just a few minutes.

G: “His eyelid is falling again. I’m not sure he recognized me the last time I saw him.”

S: “Every time the phone rings, I’m afraid they’re going to tell me something terrible has happened to him.”

G: “We’re worried for his life.”

S has written some notes, points she wants to stress. First and foremost, the apology. The sorrow.

Also that nobody, heaven forbid, should think the calls to the Jewish institutions were motivated by anti-Semitism. G shows me a picture of his father, a scribe, writing a Torah scroll. It was M who would recite the Sabbath eve kiddush at home, and the havdalah prayers at Sabbath’s end. He would sometimes go to a study session at the synagogue nearby.

Next, they are in financial difficulty — what with medical and legal expenses. S is not working. Bank accounts have been frozen. “I’m asking people to come forward to donate,” she says.

G: “We have no money; we are wondering who can help us.”

Third, that they are as baffled and horrified as anyone by what their son has done. “Who does something like this,” S wails at one point.

G: “He’s arrested for very serious crimes. I wouldn’t want my worst enemies to go through this… My only relief is that nobody was badly hurt; this is terrible.”

And finally, again, that no matter how appallingly grave and vast the crimes, M is simply not aware of what he has done — or more, accurately, of the consequences and implications of what he has done. That their child does not communicate, does not function, in a normal fashion.

M’s father: ‘He’s not fit to stand trial. And he won’t’

S: “It’s obvious within two minutes that he’s autistic; you see it right away.” All the neighbors know, and they’re generally supportive, she says. “The authorities seem to think ‘crazy’ means someone [gibbering] and waving his hands, ‘La-la-la.’ They don’t want to accept that he’s got these issues. They don’t understand, or don’t want to understand.” Still, note G and S, at his last remand hearing, the judge moved the case to the jurisdiction of the youth courts — a helpful step, S believes.

Asked about the reported battle between the Israeli and American authorities about where he should be put on trial, they are adamant. “We live here,” says G. “He needs to be judged here.”

Judged, he stresses. Not tried. “He’s not fit to stand trial. And he won’t.”

S interjects: “There’s no question now that he has to have the surgery. Before, we worried about the risks. But now, there’s just no question.”

G looks heavenwards, lips pursed in despair. Is he thinking, “Too late,” or “What if”?

“We’ve never hurt anybody in our lives, he says. “This is just insane.”

“Who does something like this,” S had asked.

A terrible question, asked by a mother about her child, and unanswerable, even for her.

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